Life is more enjoyable when you are wearing NARAMAKI.

Nara is a place where time flows slowly,
where you can unwind.

NARAMAKI is a brand from Nara, Japan,that makes haramaki products which induce
such a sense of time, where your body and mind are wrapped in warmth, allowing
you to relax with a serene state of mind.

We created a thin haramaki to keep your belly warm all year long.

Each haramaki is made of a thin cotton-silk
blend fabric and embroidered with a motif associated with Nara, the ancient
capital of Japan, which serves as a good-luck charm.

The fabric uses a blend of cotton and silk and has a smooth texture.

This thin haramaki is warm yet breathable,perfect for cool summer nights.

It will keep your abdomen comfortably warm all year round.

Properties of Cotton and Silk


Each haramaki has been embroidered with a motif associated with the ancient capital of Nara that serves as a lucky charm.

The embroidery on the haramaki will soothe your heart and bring warm feelings.

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「ならまき めっちゃ薄い腹巻き」は、奈良県橿原市のふるさと納税返礼品に選ばれています。

楽天ふるさと納税 ふるさとチョイス ふるなび ANA auPAY セゾン